Time to pick your gadgets. At Digivox, we believe that choosing the right phone is crucial. You need to find the balance of features and price. We have personally selected a range of phones that should cover your needs.

  • The Snom 870 VoIP telephone has the latest innovation for all those with high demands for future-oriented technology combined with user friendliness. The display is a completely newly designed touch screen with unique, intuitive user interface. Thus the Snom 870 enables the user to easily handle even complex applications like swapping of calls, or establishment of conference calls for up to 5 participants via simple "drag and drop". The well-arranged address book ensures that each caller can be quickly identified. It offers space for additional information such as company affiliation, email address and much more. The control elements on display are designed for active call handling, so that the right contact is selected even in multiple call scenarios.

    TFT Touch screen with 24 bit color depth.
    Intuitive user interface.
    Gigabit Ethernet Switch.
    5-way conferencing (bridge on phone).
    2 x type A USB - WLAN ready.
    Wideband Audio and Power over Ethernet.
    National Language Support.
    XML Mini Browser.

    Quick Reference and User Tutorial

  • As one of the latest VoIP phones introduced to the market, the Polycom IP 670 offers eye-popping quality in terms of function. The large, backlit color phone display has high-resolution picture clarity, and the user-friendly menu interface makes navigation not a process but a mere reaction. The vaunted Polycom HD Voice system utilizes wideband audio that dampens background noise and removes any echo-effect while producing crisp voice reception/delivery. The Polycom IP 670 is also one of the most streamlined VoIP conference phones, boosting the efficacy of third-party applications. In addition, the built-in dual-port Gigabit Ethernet switch allows data communication between the network and user computer, eliminating high network traffic that can slow function.

    Standards based, great Asterisk support!
    6 lines (34 lines with SoundPoint IP Color Expansion Module).
    Polycom HD Voice technology, including support
    of G.722 wideband codec. Acoustic Clarity Technology 2.
    320 x 160 pixel color graphical LCD.
    LED backlight & custom intensity control.
    Two-port 10/100/1000 Ethernet switch.
    Flexible powering options, including PoE.

    Quick Reference and User Tutorial